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"Penelope" - Unicorn Shoelaces

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"Penelope" - Unicorn Shoe Laces

Penelope. Because it's 2020 and scientists STILL haven't figured out how to make the unicorn real. What gives? Put a horn on a horse and add some glitter! 


In most cases you'll need to base the length of laces you need on the number of aglets on your shoe.  (Aglets are the holes the laces pass through!)  53 cm Laces are best for baby shoes or other shoes that only have 2 aglets per side.  96cm Laces will typically fit shoes with 3-4 aglets per side.  115 cm Laces will typically fit shoes with 5-6 aglets per side.  When in doubt- measure the laces that your shoes came with and use that length as a guide.